Thermoplastic Semiconducting Compound P-10040-CB

P-10040-CB is a deformation resistant semiconductive compound designed for use as shielding material both for conductor and insulation of power cable core. The compound is characterized by its good stress crack resistance, balanced volume resistivity and excellent process ability. Thermoplastic Semiconductor Compound for Conductor / Insulation Shielding of Power Cables

Technical Characteristics

Properties- Physical & Mechanical Typical value Unit Test Method
Density 1.12 G/cc ASTM – D- 1505
MFI at 190°C/5 Kg. 0.91 Gm/10min. ASTM-D-1238
Tensile Strength at Break 125 Kg/cm.sq ASTM-D-638
Elongation at Break 300 % ASTM-D-638
Heat Distortion Temp. 62 Deg.C ASTM-D-648
Heat Shok Temp. 130°C, 4hrs No flow/ no crack :No flow/ no crack PPIL Std.
Vicat softening point 96 deg.C ASTM-C-1525
ESCR, 50°C/10 % Igepol soln. >100 Hr IEC811
Volume Resistivity 500 ASTM-D-257


P-10040-CB is suitable as shielding material for cables up to 33KV. It is rated for 90 deg.
C continous services and 130 deg. C overload temperature.

Recommended Extrusion Conditions :

Extruder :

The Compound is Extrudable in Conventional Polyethylene wire and cable extrusion line.
Pre – Drying :

P-10040-CB shall be per dried before use, Usually 3-5 hr drying in dehumidified hopper at 70-80 deg. C is sufficient unless compound is exposed to atmosphere for long period.
Temperature profile for extrusion :

Zones Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Head Die
Deg.C 130°C 140°C 150°C 160°C 160°C 160°C
• Actual conditions may vary according to the type of extruder used
• Based on experience of extrusion in 25 mm single screw extruder
Screw Cooling :
70° C
Packaging :
Moisture resistant high density carboy containing 25 kg.

This information is to the beat of our knowledge. The values of different parameters and operating conditions listed above are guidance only and should not be used for drawing specifications. The results & operating conditions may vary depending on methods of test and manufacturing / testing equipments.