Dear Customer,


U.S. Bhartia (Chairman)

It is with a sense of pride that I introduce to you Polylink Polymers India Limited (PPIL), the country's latest and most advanced manufacturing facility of Polymeric Compound of Engineering Plastic and Cross linked Polyethylene ( for Power Cables). As a pioneering venture, PPIL intends to meet the long felt necessity of modern generation Silane Grafted Wire and Cable Insulation Compounds and other Engineering Compounds (for Plastic Furniture and other plastics industry like Automobile. Electrical etc). I am confident that PPIL would emerge as the country's leading Polymeric Compound manufacturer, meeting high grade quality of international standards.

As a major source of foreign exchange saving, PPIL is dedicated to fulfill the aspiring needsof consumers throughout the world, by providing solid technical support and supplying high precision Polymeric Compounds due to which we are able to export more than 50% of our product. Customer satisfaction is the central theme in our efforts to achieve excellence in all spheres of operation.

I welcome you to the exciting world of PPIL, to participate in our journey to new height of success, crossing the boundaries to technical and financial competence. With warm regards and best wishes.