Plant & Machinery

A great deal of foresight and planning impelled PPIL to procure top-of-the-line extruders from the most renowned manufactures in the world from U.K. and Germany with all the features of quality manufacturing of products..

The extruders are equipped with computerized automation systems from weighing, feeding, processing and monitoring up to the final stage of packing. They are housed in pressurized rooms with controlled temperature and humidity to avoid any contamination, thereby increasing performance characteristics and storage life of the products
The compounding lines are facilized with fast high speed capacity continuous mixers, high end computerised gravimetric feeding systems to ensure of quality and timely delivery of the

Electronic controlled automatic weighing and bagging system provide fast and accurate weighing and packing.
Separate facility building for manufacturing of black Master batch to ensure clean environment and eliminate cross contamination.

World Class Machinery

  • Two twin screw Alpha50mm from Stear
  • SHJ 72mm twin screw extruder
  • SHJ 36MM twin screw  extruder
  • Two kneader of 100-150ltrs
  • The total production facility 30000MT/per annum


  • Melt flow index – Tester
  • Computerised spectrophotometer
  • Betol tap single screw extruder
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Ingredient dispertion testing facility
  • Izod impact tester
  • DSC TGA equipments
  • Micro watcher , karl fisher and other mechanical and electrical testing equipment.
  • Moisture testing machine.

Our R & D managed by qualified polymer team is established to achieve quality at par with international quality standard with technical support of AEI UK to adhere and maintain highest quality of the products. Our all production batches are subject to process ability and on line test to maintain our quality.

Our goal- to optimise our product performance by offering to emerging customers need by Exclusive think-tank of production, quality Assurance R & D and customer support managers emerges, managers of studies and analysis .

Quality Policy - The company is committed to manufacture and supply polymeric compounds, colour Masterbatches and additives with commitment of complying with customer’s requirements by continual improvement in the effectiveness the quality management system by establish and review quality objective, involving employees at all level.

The Quality Assurance Process Flow Chart

Testing of Finished Products

Finshed Products Tested

• PP Filler
• Colour Masterbatchs
• XLPE Compound
• Black Masterbatchs
• Speciality Masterbatchs
• Other Filler Compound
• PIB ans Additives Masterbatchs

Testing of Basic Raw Materials of Masterbatches

Raw Materials Tested

• Polymers
• Pigments
• Additives
• Dispersing Agents
• Functional Fillers

Type of Tests

• Moisture Content
• Contamination
• Colour
• Colour Strenght
• Colour Tone/Clarity
• Heat and Light Fastness
• Bleeding Characteristics
• Whiteness/Yellow Index, Jetness etc.
• Melting Point
• Molten Clarity of Dispersing Agents/
• Ploymer and Additives

Type of Tests

• Ash/Carbon Content
• Moisture Content
• Contamination
• Dispersion
• IV
• Comtamination, Fines, Shapes
• Opacity, Whiteness/Yellow Index
• Odour
• Shade.Colour Match
• Migration
• Bulk Density
• Filtration Test
• Number of Granules per gm